Best Push Service for Media Buying in Dating Niche❤️

First of all, we came to a push service that allows "spamming" with pushes and understands what's going on.

Secondly, it's about the analysis capabilities. With Onesignal, we needed to make additional superstructures, but here we get a ready-made solution. It was important for us to transfer parameters (in our case there are sub -id, landing -id, campaign-id, source-id) from the moment a user subscribes to push notifications to our tracking link, which we use for user monetization.

How do we use it?

 Now, when we run campaigns, advertisers receive information from us about the exact source from which the user came, not just the push campaign, but the specific source through which the user entered our funnels, subscribed, and then, by clicking on the push notification, reached the client. This integration eliminated any misunderstanding about fraud and provided an additional boost for advertising optimization.

 An unexpected solution for us, which we currently use for 100%, is the postback on subscription. It's great. At the traffic acquisition stage, you know the conversion rate (CR) of your subscriptions through pushes, and already at the source/campaign launch stage, you know if a certain campaign fits your target.

Regarding the transfer of sub-id and where the profit is, everything is pretty simple.

Now, when we run our advertising using pushes collected from our funnels, we provide the advertiser with information about where we acquired that specific user. The advertiser, armed with this information through sub-id, offers us bumps on specific sources, and also blocks or optimizes sources that are negative for them.

We fully transferred our data to the new service in February, and today (May), with the help of optimizations, we have already increased the volume of push traffic by 38%, sending ads only to the relevant audience.

Thanks to this sub-id, we migrated our scripts (second offer and backlink) to this service as well, to have all the statistics and functionality in one place.

There are a couple more things I mentioned: new expertise and new feedback, which you receive while testing something new. During our scaling phase, the support team, seeing the device and geo-distribution, offered us their ready-made solutions for targeting by geo, browser language, devices, and more.

Thanks to geo and browser language targeting, we increased the profitability of the audience, which we previously didn't monetize with these scripts, by 15% (almost from scratch). For example, approximately 10% of the audience in the USA has the Spanish language set in their browser (it's strange, isn't it?). Targeting specific for States for the Spanish-speaking audience resulted in a 472% increase in push retention. In practice, it means new clicks for us and practically, new revenue.

The next feature is OS targeting. It's widely known that there are no push notifications on iPhones. It was clear to everyone, including us =), so we stopped using them. We had traffic (acquired through flet deals with spots) and we simply run it to direct offers. Push service advised us about in-page pushes and IOS calendars (yes, that's super!). In-page pushes turned out to be effective in our dating funnels with chats or on retention for PWA (yes, that too). As a result, by purchasing a click from iOS and sending it to our funnel, we were able to increase the initial number of iOS clicks by 64%. Additionally, with the help of A/B tests (also available in the service, but we conducted them in our tracker by themselves), we determined which traffic performs the best, where the user wants to directly interact with the person they saw in the push notification.

As for the takeaway from what we wanted to share - this is a recommendation to everyone, guys, test more! And not only what you usually do, but also what you are not used to. Our new test of a new solution gave us an awesome boost not only in terms of volume but also in terms of funnel types and new solutions that we began to develop.

Good luck