Boost Monetization with "Redirect URL" New Feature

Enhancing Monetization with MonRays New Redirect URL Feature.

Media buyers face the ongoing task of optimizing their strategies to reach and engage their target audience effectively. MonRays, a platform dedicated to providing tools for monetizing traffic, has introduced a feature. This new feature "Redirect URL for Land," offers a unique way to monetize and engage users, particularly those who have previously visited your land. In this article, we'll explore how this feature can be useful for media buyers.

The Basics of MonRays Redirect URL Feature

Redirect URL feature is a powerful tool to help media buyers with their monetization strategies. At its core, this feature allows media buyers to redirect users to a different URL if they are not unique and have already visited the designated land. Let's dive into the details of how this feature works and how media buyers can leverage it to their advantage:

Accessing the Feature

To start using this feature,  you can visit the list of your lands on the MonRays platform by going to

Adding the Redirect URL

You can add a redirect URL by clicking on "Add URL here" within the list of lands. Afterward, paste the desired URL into the provided field.

Saving the Configuration

After adding the URL, save the configuration. Once saved, the feature is activated for that specific land.

Easy Removal

If, for any reason, media buyers no longer wish to implement the redirect rule for a particular land, they can simply delete it. This flexibility ensures that users have full control over their monetization strategies.

Dynamic Monetization

The Redirect URL feature works by monitoring user behavior. If a user is not unique (i.e., they have visited the land before), the system automatically redirects them to the specified URL. This creates an opportunity for media buyers to monetize this user's traffic in a new way.


MonRays  Redirect URL feature is a powerful tool that empowers media buyers to enhance their monetization strategies. By redirecting returning users to new content, media buyers can increase  CR, and ROI.

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