Common Push Traffic Mistakes for Publishers ❌

Common Push Traffic Mistakes for Publishers ❌

When approached correctly, promoting through push notifications can yield consistent profits over a long period. Pushes aren't inherently complicated to set up, but mistakes made by Publishers during campaign creation are widespread. In this material, we'll go over the key mistakes made when working with push traffic.

Publishers Mistakes in Working with Push Traffic:

Neglecting Audience Segmentation

For the initial launch of an advertising campaign, it's wise to target a broad audience. This allows you to assess the relevance of your offer to users in specific regions and gather sufficient data for future campaign optimization.

Audience segmentation involves evaluating and grouping the target audience based on specific parameters. After assessing the effectiveness of the initial launch, advertisers should have enough data to characterize the audience according to its features.

Creating Monotonous Push Notifications

In the long run, creating monotonous push notifications will lead to budget losses. When working with push notifications, it's essential to understand the importance of dynamic development and constant improvement of creatives. The average lifespan of a single advertising creative is 4-5 days. To maximize the benefits of promotion, it's crucial to regularly refresh creatives and continually seek effective ways to engage the audience.

Unclear Call to Action (CTA)

Users spend only a few seconds on a notification. The advertiser's goal is to captivate the user's interest and prompt them to take action within this short timeframe. It's essential to clearly define the desired user action and incorporate it into button labels or notification text. Given the limited text space, include only the most critical information. An unclear CTA might confuse the audience, so create a sense of urgency to encourage user engagement.

Inappropriate Landing Pages

After clicking on an ad, users expect to find a landing page that continues the narrative presented in the ad. If your creative specifies a specific discount amount or the timeframe for enjoying a product's benefits, ensure that this information is consistent on the landing page. Discrepancies between the creative and the landing page can lead to lost leads and a damaged reputation.

Disregarding Subscription Age

When working with push traffic, consider running multiple campaign variants targeting different subscription age groups. Don't focus solely on long-term subscribers. Often, long-term subscribers exhibit banner blindness.

Using a "Newsy" Approach

Many Publishers mistakenly treat push notifications as a means of providing news or information to users. Push notifications are primarily for capturing attention and demonstrating the benefits of a product. Avoid presenting information and instead focus on warming up your traffic and motivating users to click.


Today, push notifications are attracting significant attention from Publishers. Achieving high conversion rates is entirely feasible. Be attentive, avoid mistakes, test new hypotheses, and strive for maximum profitability.

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