❤️Dating Push Campaigns in Germany: Boost CTR and ROI


heartDating Push Campaigns in Germany: Strategies to Boost CTR and ROI


Today, let's delve into creatives targeting one of the popular GEOs, Germany. This country boasts a financially capable audience – users respond well to 18+ content, and men are keen on connecting with women. Germany ranks among the top 10 countries for traffic, with Germans spending approximately 8 minutes watching adult content videos. We'll analyze some fresh creatives tailored for Germany.

Even seasoned arbitrageurs often route their traffic through push notifications. However, mistakes in creatives can still happen, which is why we've decided to provide converting examples and discuss their pros and cons.

Localization and Message Simulation:

According to statistics, 54% of Germans converse in English, but the official language is German. Consequently, creatives should be translated into the users' native language. In the examples, the creatives are translated into English.



In 80% of cases, dating push notifications are sent to mobile devices. Therefore, there's a need for creatives that focus on mobile. Messages from women are the key emphasis that boosts CTR. In push notifications, you can include an icon that represents a message for the small image, add a relevant emoji to the text, or use other elements. The crucial point is to ensure that users understand they've received a message from a woman.

Models or Regular Girls:

The primary target audience for dating websites is regular men who want to meet women. They understand that they have little to no chance of meeting a model-like woman with a stunning figure. Therefore, creatives featuring models are destined to fail. However, by using natural photos, high-performance can be achieved. For instance, a girl taking a selfie in the bathroom or a woman in casual attire in the bedroom are examples of effective creatives.



Such creatives pique interest. Men realize that they have every chance to engage in conversation and eventually meet. When emojis are used in creatives, the click-through rate of ads increases by 30-40%.

Blur and Curiosity:

Sometimes, arbitrageurs play on users' curiosity. For instance, they blur the main images in push notifications.



From the examples, it's evident that the main image is blurred but not concealed. Users can see that the photo features a woman in lingerie in various poses. However, they cannot discern the details. This means that to view the photos, one needs to click on the push notification and visit the website.

In the first creative, it's noticeable that the arbitrageur included the word 'Online' and an approximate location where the woman is located. In this case, users understand that they can see a high-quality photo and immediately initiate a conversation or even quickly arrange a meeting. Such an approach increases CTR and website conversion.


When running dating offers with push traffic, it's essential to utilize not only concise and engaging text but also work with other elements.

In summary, here's what you need to consider:

Emojis and images indicating new messages.

Regular photos of women.

Approaches to spark user interest (such as blurring explicit content).

Continuously monitor the funnel to increase conversion and traffic quality.

An important point to note is that different approaches and triggers can be combined within a single creative.

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