✅Duplicated Clicks Management

Hello everyone, we are excited to announce a new feature on our platform.

The new feature allows users to effectively manage and optimize their push notification campaigns by addressing the issue of duplicate clicks. Duplicated clicks management can skew engagement metrics and lead to inefficient resource allocation. 

How It Works:

Scheduled and periodic pushes, you can set up duplicated click rules. These conditions help control where users are redirected during repeated clicks.


Duplicated Clicks Rules:

Rule Configuration: For each push you establish up to 10 duplicate rules. These rules consist of two critical components: a click count and a target URL.

Example Scenario: To illustrate the feature's functionality, let's consider an example with three rules.

Rule 1: Push Count = 2, URL =

Rule 2: Push Count = 5, URL =

Rule 3: Push Count = 7, URL =


Clicks 1 and 2 redirect to the original push URL (

Clicks 3, 4, and 5 redirect to

Clicks 6 and 7 redirect to

Clicks beyond the defined rules (8 and onwards) direct users to

The introduction of the duplicated click management feature ensures that your push notification campaigns will become more efficient!

Stay ahead of the competition and keep your audience engaged like never before.

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