How to work with In-page push in the dating niche❤️

How to work with In-page push in the dating niche❤️


The In-Page advertising format can be a highly beneficial tool for promoting dating offers. In skilled hands, such advertising attracts attention, creates an emotional connection with the user, and motivates them to take some action. We will discuss the advantages of the In-Page push format, how to use such advertising effectively, and what needs to be considered for success.

What are In-Page push notifications and how do they differ from classic push notifications?

In-Page Pushes(IPP) - is a relatively new advertising format that combines elements of push notifications and banners. It allows placing advertising messages on websites without the need for subscribing to push notifications.

This is what In-Page push looks like through the eyes of a user on a mobile device screen

The essence of such advertising is as follows: when a user enters a website page, they are shown a notification similar to push, but without the need for an actual subscription. This window looks like a banner and visually resembles the classic push format. It can appear in the corner of the screen or at the center of the page, and the user can close it at any time by clicking on the cross. In-Page push differs from standard push notifications in that it does not require access to browser notifications and does not request permission to send. This format can be an effective way to attract attention.


You can set up such advertising through the MonRays platform, for example:


1. Register and login in MonRays

2. Create In-page-Push

3. Add the script to your landing page


What are the pros and cons of In-Page push?

Pros of In-Page Push:

• User Attractiveness: Such notifications do not require prior consent for push notifications. There is no need to build a subscriber base.

• Ability to Reach a Solvent Audience: The In-Page Push format is supported on devices with iOS, MacOS, as well as Android and Windows, allowing coverage of audiences on various devices.

• Wide Coverage: In-Page push notifications can be displayed on numerous websites and platforms, contributing to the expansion of audience reach.

• Higher Conversion Rates: Compared to traditional banners, In-Page Push has higher chances of engagement. This is due to their similarity to push notifications and the appearance of personalized messages.

• Ease of Use: Displaying In-Page Push does not require complex settings. They do not require moderation and can be used for audiences aged 18 and above.

Cons of In-Page Push:

• Quite an aggressive format. Some users may react negatively to unexpected and intrusive pop-up notifications

How to write text for In-Page push.

In In-Page push it is better to focus on the text, because the image is relatively small. When it comes to creating compelling copy that grabs your attention right away, it's important to use compelling and powerful words. Phrases should evoke interest and a desire to learn more. Examples:

✅Example 1:

Header: "Find Your Love Right Now!"

Text: "Don't wait for chance! Meet amazing singles right here. Your love story begins now."

✅Example 2:

Header: "Refresh Your Life with Meetings and Emotions"

Text: "New connections, new emotions! Find your significant other among our exciting users. Sign up and start your adventure right now."

✅Example 3:

Header: "Open the Door to a World of New Connections!"

Text: "The journey into the world of love begins here. Find your soulmate among thousands of active users. Register now and dive into the exciting dating world."


Working with In-Page Push in the dating niche can yield significant profits as an arbitrageur gains experience and expertise. Simultaneously, this format is well-suited for novice webmasters due to its simplicity in setup. Wishing you success and profitable endeavors with In-Page Push advertising! 😉🚀

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